The Metaverse is here! I think we are already in the metaverse – it’s not a single place or world, rather the digital spaces where we connect and the new immersive internet. Let’s explore!

I’ve been exploring Web3 since 2017 when I became interested in crypto, blockchain and NFT’s . Here are some of my explorations in NFTs, Web3, metaverse, VR, decentralised technology and communities. Let’s make it beneficial. LFG!

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Upload a Custom environment in Spatial

How to upload a file to create a custom environment …

Metaverse Events & Parties

I had so much fun first discovering metaverse parties during …

TNC Party & Town Hall

Two very fun events with one of my favourite NFT …

Girls Bond in Web3

This panel discussion and charity event and exhibition really opened …

The Future of Modelling in the Metaverse

Such an interesting discussion about the modelling industry in the …

Paris Hilton’s Cryptoween Event

A Halloween event with Paris Hilton. Access to this was …