TNC Party & Town Hall

The Nerd Collective - Treasure Hunt Party and Town Hall

Two very fun events with one of my favourite NFT projects – The Nerd Collective (TNC).

I suggested using Spatial rather than a party in Discord for a Treasure Hunt Party. 

I’d completed some of the cool, fun treasure hunts that Data NFT had organised. 

Winx and I jumped in Spatial to run through how it might go. We had these 2 successful events.  People enjoyed also some their first immersive 3D space experience.

  • Teasure Hunt Party – Aug 2022
  • Town Hall – Sep 2022

Data NFT (@DataNFT_ on twitter) is one of my favourite founders and person to follow. A kind and inspiring person who has provided loads of value to the amazing community he has built as now The Nerd Collective.

Treasure Hunt Party
TNC Town Hall

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