Spatial Worlds Explorations – Guided Tours

Learning Journeys in the Spatial Internet

I had the wonderful opportunity to curate and guide 4 group adventures in spatial worlds ( 3D immersive experiences)  with Cloud Scouts and some wonderful people. It was such a fun way to learn, explore and connect. Here I write about these adventures. 

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Learning Journeys in the Spatial Internet with Cloud Scouts

The new Internet takes us into spatial dimensions and new modes of immersive communication – blending learning, adventure, play, connection, communication and community with brand, game and community experiences. In this exploration, based on a tour with Cloud Scouts, we delve into, examining the potential of 3D immersive spaces and events. We discover the value of curation, guidance and learning together in these dimensions. This article highlights the opportunities and challenges of hosting group events across these spaces. We then explore the nuances of creating different types of spaces and what makes an enjoyable experience in the following articles.

Internet Adventuring & Learning Through Exploration

I love traversing different digital dimensions and exploring spatial worlds with others. It feels like simultaneous adventure, exploration, play, connection, learning, and freedom… it opens up my world and my mind! The spatial dimension of the Internet is relatively more accessible now in the realm of the popular Internet (gaming and other), and rapidly, XR, AR, VR, and 3D are being integrated into the Internet experiences that everyone will be having – individual and community.

As a curator and host with Cloud Scouts, I guided four exploration sessions into different 3D immersive spaces in We jumped in to explore ways to create a great spatial internet experience and how to host community events across spaces.

We identified areas needing improvement and what contributed to the most enjoyable experiences. Anyone can create a 3D space and host an event. However, effectively facilitating group experiences requires thoughtful preparation and guidance. For hosted events, particularly a guided tour across multiple spaces, preparation, curation, guidance, communication, and community are key.

We explored spatial worlds – the nuances and impact of different elements and intricacies of creating a captivating spatial Internet experience and facilitating community events. These sessions shed light on the evolving technology and human elements shaping these experiences. We were opened up to the vast potential. It’s early days –  still so much to explore!

This article covers some problems and learnings around hosting group events in 3D virtual spaces. Future articles will look at curated explorations of different space use cases – action, showcase, gallery, and event spaces on

Thank you to those who joined in these adventures.- Rileybeans, Kitty, Davida, Deb, Amanda.

From Campfire to the Wilderness: Considerations for Guided Tours

Embarking on a guided group tour event on a 3D platform, there are a few considerations.

Like any expedition into new terrain, for our spatial internet adventure, we had:

  • A Mission
  • A Sense of Adventure
  • Guide
  • Base Camp
  • Preparation
  • Team
  • Map & Guidelines
  • Documentation

Mission & Adventure

The objective was to have a shared adventure and learning experience, exploring what made what made a great space and to have fun! To open ourselves up to a new kind of learning, gathering, and way to work and play together, to be curious and adventurous.

A loosely structured plan enabled change and spontaneity depending on who showed up and what we experienced along the way.


Guides are experienced in setting up camp and know the best activities and places to explore, and how to navigate the terrain.

Acting as a guide involved curating and hosting the experience, orienting participants, outlining mission guidelines, providing assistance and facilitating smooth navigation between spaces.

Some things I did as a guide:

  • Preparation- Curating setting up, testing and guiding the experience
  • Making sure everyone was comfortable with how to navigate
  • Outline the mission and guidelines
  • Show the way
  • Checking in and helping answer questions
  • Documentation
  • Creating profiles and avatars on Spatial, and dedicating time to curate and prepare spaces.

Providing value for the participants, by curating – saving their time, and work of the preliminary scouting which takes longer than you might imagine! In curating, I found varied spaces around a type theme, showing a range of different ‘look and feels’ and particular use cases. It was also a reflection of my journey just jumping into as many spaces as I could in a few hours.

Identifying beginner starting points beforehand made me feel comfortable with how to direct anyone new.

Base Camp

Establishing a 3D space as a base camp with portals to curated spaces provided a central point for the exploration. A base camp for adventures is the place where expeditions start and end – a staging area for the larger activity.

3D spaces can be created with the click of a button using one of Spatial’s default spaces. For these Clouds Scouts explorations, I used the outdoor space, which has a campfire. Perfect! Basic graphics showed the main navigation controls.

Map and Navigation & Guidelines

Where to go and what to do if you get lost:

The numbered and labelled portals to each of the spaces to explore in the base camp space were set up to function as a map and journey plan.

We established guidelines to explore and stay together as we hopped back and forth through portals to different spaces:

We would jump into the portals next on the list and use either voice or chat to communicate to decide when to return to base camp. We would head back to the campfire if we got lost.

Team/ Community

We gathered around the Cloud Scouts Campfire from across the globe – together we explored, learned, ran, jumped, and critiqued through spaces across the Spatial platform. It was such a lovely way to have a learning, discussion and playful time through this shared experience.

Getting different perspectives was great. I remember one conversation where I said, ‘You can never have enough fairy lights,’ and Kitty replied, “Except in this space… Too many sparkles!!’


In this new internet, we need ways of documenting our journeys, building our beneficial connections, telling our stories and marketing.

Images and videos of these experiences in 3D are a powerful and fun way to accomplish these aims—nothing like the pleasure of posting pics of our shared experience, which others then share.

Documenting and sharing these positive spatial internet experiences and connections helps positively promote this new frontier and attract the next wave of immersive platform users and explorers.

The Exploration Experience: Some Learnings

Traversing across many different 3D spaces together posed challenges and opportunities:

  • Conducting group explorations facilitated discussions, mutual assistance, and diverse perspectives on the spaces.

  • A method for staying together through portal hopping is important. Spatial has a function with host tools to bring everyone to you – this works within one space, imagine if it worked across the platform. Perhaps for a new interoperable immersive spatial experience, there will be a way to follow a friend – like latch onto them (with their approval) as they hop through spaces.

  • When encountering issues the first time, an adventurous, flexible approach worked. Playing and testing things out gave me the feeling of being in new territory. I switched avatars, profiles and devices on the fly to experiment and see how it all functioned, without the need to have it perfectly nutted out in theory at the outset.

  • Curation is highly valuable because of the time with technical delays jumping in and out of many different spaces!

  • Increasing visibility and opening up your adventure to more people can be done by:

    • Using Spatial’s ‘Go Live’ function.

    • Posting about the event experience and tagging those who joined you.

  • Improvements in identity management and multi-space persistence would enhance the user experience. Ease of organisation tasks on the platform felt clunky. As an exploration guide, I wanted to contribute to Cloud Scouts, connect with others and increase my profile as a guide. I played with both my profile, and using the Cloud Scouts one. From an organisational point of view, it was a bit tricky, perhaps because it was the first time, perhaps a limitation on Spatial for people managing different organisations’ events and spaces, not just their creations is that you can only be an admin on one organisation profile.

  • Switching profiles on the same browser and trying to join an event was troublesome. If I were hosting a large event, I would join from a different profile on a different device as a fallback.

Let's Explore!

Group explorations with the community are a powerful and effective way to learn. We gained knowledge and experience traversing digital spaces. This actual hands-on experience of exploration and connection, trying out new technology together, felt like a more valuable mode of learning than yet another paid course (e.g. I keep getting ads for a ‘Masters of Technological Futures’ that cost $ 16k).

The spatial internet shows vast potential for transforming our experiences enabling new forms of community, learning, and collaboration through multi-person experiences in shared virtual spaces. The possibilities of this new dimension are as limitless as your imagination.

The next articles go in-depth into different spaces around use case themes:  action, showcase, gallery and event. We look at what shapes a great 3D space experience and discover ways to experience and create in the new spatial dimension of the internet.

Until next time, Thank you.

Thank you to Riley and Cloud Scouts and those who explored with me for this wonderful opportunity!

Sarah imaginate

I am a guide in emerging digital worlds and enjoy curating multi-person adventures that push the boundaries of how we connect and collaborate. My approach combines a fun sense of adventure, design thinking, technical curiosity and community building to create magical experiences on-chain and online.

If you would like to work with me to curate, guide or consult on 3D spaces or experiences, please contact me at X: @sarah_imaginate

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