Girls Bond in Web3

metaverse charity event and exhibition

This panel discussion and charity event and exhibition really opened my eyes to what the possibilities are in metaverse and VR. This felt like a super cool interesting and fun twitter space with the added experience of learning how to use Spatial – my fav metaverse VR platform for user friendly accessible use – amazing!!

A chat with amazing intelligent women, a gallery tour, and performance. 

The mansion was awesome and you hopped in a lift to get there. I love how for the performance it was a video with the same pink background so it looked like the performer was onstage in the space.

Organised by Dolphin Arc Dao (D.A.D) @dolphin_arc in one of their earth mansions in Spatial.


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TNC Party & Town Hall

Two very fun events with one of my favourite NFT projects – The Nerd Collective (TNC). I suggested using Spatial