Dancing in the Metaverse

Being playful and free in the metaverse/IRL

Dancing in the metaverse

I love dancing in the metaverse. Feeling free to explore and express and be in new spaces with both familiar and new people or all on my own.

Sometimes it feels magical and reminds how I love life to be, like a dance through time and space that feels playful and free.

There feels like a crossover into IRL. When I then rock up IRL to my local gym for group fitness class and it too feels like that, dancing through IRL with all the amazing energy of the others around me!

The people you see and meet and overhear are people you’d never usually run into. One of my favourite time was attending a panel discussion on “The future of the model in the metaverse” and the DJ set afterwards.

What are you getting up to in the metaverse/IRL?

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